Imagineering poster

I found this print at Walt Disney World. It sums up everything that I love about Imagineering—the spectacle and awe of the castle, the history and optimism of the Walt and Mickey ‘Partners’ statue, and the reminder of just how much hard work goes into making something so special represented by the technical drawing.

The people at Walt Disney Imagineering are described as “dreamers and doers.” I dream of putting this print on my wall, so I will do just that…eventually…once I find some nails or hooks or whatever you use to hang these things…

UPDATE: I hung it up…so yay. Go team.

4 thoughts on “Imagineering

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    • Hi Amanda — I actually went back and found the tube that the poster came in (what kind of person keeps an empty poster tube?? Anyway…). The label on the side calls it simply “Castle Blueprint” while the label on the end cap calls it “Blu Print Castle.” Something else that may be useful to you, the item number is 400156200550. This is a great poster. Good luck finding it and I hope that helps!

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